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  Every student will be faced with the same question when he passes the College Entrance Examination: should he choose a good major or a good university? Different people will offer different answers.
  Some students give priority to a good major. What they cherish is a specialty they like most. To their mind, whether or not the university is famous doesn’t matter--so long as he works hard, he can learn well in any university, and a bright future is awaiting him.
  Other students pay more attention to the fame and quality of the universities. They attach great importance to the university because the environment is vital to the making of an excellent person and is the symbol of good job prospects. How can you have a wide vision and a broad horizon if you receive your education at a small college?
  Frankly, the best choice is a good major at a good university. We can only get such a chance after making great efforts. If we cannot obtain both, the first thing to consider is a good major itself.

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